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2010-11-25 09:38:22 by ZpLiNtEh


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Chug chug chugga chug

2010-03-26 10:18:31 by ZpLiNtEh

Yes I am a core fag.

I love metalcore and deathcore mmk.

but I am mainly a huge fan of other variants of metal, such as death, black, thrash, speed, power, symphonic, folk, doom and sludge.

chugga chug.

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sexy song.

And so begins a new decade..

2010-01-02 12:30:54 by ZpLiNtEh

yea a day late, but shush.

I hope this year isn't shit.

awh yeaaa

2009-11-29 05:44:03 by ZpLiNtEh

PS3 is back bitches.

Fuck y'all.

Got the YLoD :(

2009-11-16 11:43:01 by ZpLiNtEh

My fucking PS3 is now bricked.

Yellow Light of Death ftl.

Hopefully Total Console Repair can fix it for me.

I know what the problem is and if I trusted myself I'd open it up and fix it, rather than drop ~£70....

Maybe my friend will be able to do it.


Halloween '09

2009-11-01 10:29:44 by ZpLiNtEh

fucking brilliant night

here's to next year being sexual as well :D


2009-10-27 21:17:21 by ZpLiNtEh

Amon Amarth are so FUCKING GOOD live!

best gig I've been to yet, can't wait to see them again >:D


from here,,

2009-10-21 06:23:23 by ZpLiNtEh

to newgrooooooooooundsssssss

Suppose I will do it alooone

Will fight for that desiiiign

Feel this up your conviction.


and here we have

2009-10-19 08:20:48 by ZpLiNtEh

a typical scene at the parties me and my friends have.

look at it.

observe it.

indulge in it.

yes thats a girl, dont jizz your pants.

and here we have

fucking awesome

2009-10-02 02:24:50 by ZpLiNtEh

Went to a friends gig last night, they were fucking brilliant, plus I got to see a lot of my friends from school so that was nice.

Check out their band if you like death metal/progressive metal

EDIT: Okay NOW the track is up, it's awesome.